Versatile, Comfy Kicks: 3 of 2016’s Best Women’s Frye Harness Boots

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Woman in white wearing Frye Harness 8R boots
Image credit: Frye Harness 8R @ The Frye Company

Southern brides are known for their classic wedding photographs, often taken in a field of wildflowers. These beautiful brides are decked out with their wedding dress hiked over their knees, showing off a pair of comfy cowboy boots.

And those kicks don’t have to have the classic cowboy boot look, but they can really be any pair of versatile, comfy kicks.

Such as these: 3 of the best women’s Frye harness boots.

Out of 5 pairs, I handpicked a solid 3 that I think would be the most versatile and comfortable in a range of situations.

While some brides will don these underneath their wedding dress, other lovely ladies will wear these over a worn pair of blue jeans to work around their farm and garden.

Each pair of the following 3 boast fashionable accents with functional concepts.

In other words, you can tromp through mud and still look as pretty and kickass as ever.


FRYE Women's Harness 8R BootFrye Harness 8R Women’s Boot

Somebody call Jim West because these boots could totally play a part in the Wild Wild West.

I would wear these for an old-fashioned saloon-style cosplay. Or, maybe pair them with a Renaissance dress for an in-character walkthrough of the nearest Medieval festival.

Made from 100% leather, these kicks are my favorites because they have pull-up tabs on the sides for custom comfort and snugness.

Other features include a plush, padded insole, classic 3-point western harness, and stacked wedge heel.


FRYE Women's Tabitha Harness Short BootFrye Tabitha Harness Short Women’s Boot

Reminiscent of Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, or Pat Benetar, these witchy boots are ankle-length kicks for rocker babes.

Totally rage with a pair of skinny jeans and a ripped band t-shirt. Or, invoke the gypsy fashion of Stevie Nicks in a peasant dress and twirling shawl.

These boots make me want to dance!

Features include a zippered back, slight stretch openings, a stacked heel, and short 3-point harness accent.


FRYE Women's Melissa Harness Inside-Zip BootFrye Melissa Harness Inside Zip Women’s Boot

Admit it. You’ve had those fantasies where you are a fierce pirate babe, captaining a crew of bare-chested scallywags and macho buccaneers.

Or…maybe I have been reading one too many romance novels. Ha, ha!

The best part about a killer pair of kicks is how they make you feel. These invoke feelings of power—you are a strong, capable, and awesome woman who can take on the world in these boots.

Features include the classic 3-harness accent, a snug, mid-calf fit, and an interior zipper. Cool in black, but I love the burnt umber.


Of course, there are more women’s harness boots from Frye available and very popular this year – here is a video to give you more of an idea:

Best Frye Harness Women’s Boots – Top 5 List for Fall 2016

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